The Report by H.E MR. JOSEPH GODDARD to the United Nations March 2013| The Prevention and Elmination of Domestic Violence

The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action established itself as a ROAD MAP for countries such as Barbados to follow as the WORLD navigates the obstacles preventing the global empowerment of women declaring the following actions to be taken just to name a few:

Strategic objective D.1. Take integrated measures to prevent and eliminate violence against women
Actions to be taken
124. By Governments:
(a) Condemn violence against women and refrain from invoking any custom, tradition or religious consideration to avoid their obligations with respect to its elimination as set out in the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women; 80
(b) Refrain from engaging in violence against women and exercise due diligence to prevent, investigate and, in accordance with national legislation, punish acts of violence against women, whether those acts are perpetrated by the State or by private persons;
(c) Enact and/or reinforce penal, civil, labour and administrative sanctions in domestic legislation to punish and redress the wrongs done to women and girls who are subjected to any form of violence, whether in the home, the workplace, the community or society;

Taking note of the threats that detour this progress it has been advised that the agenda outlined by Platform for Action be implemented and carried out without distraction or delay.

On March 11, 2013, H.E MR. JOSEPH GODDARD PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE OF BARBADOS TO THE UNITED NATIONS, submitted the statement for the public record regarding the island nation’s progress on such endeavors. I am forwarding these comments for PUBLIC AWARENESS sake, in order that the nationals and non-nationals are updated about what is being reported and that the appropriate follow up measures can be taken for ACCOUNTABILITY sake. Furthermore, for the protection and safety of women and children in the interim.

It’s not good practice for public officials to make public statements without the sincere intent to act on the behalf of what has been disclosed. It’s not good for the public interest for this information to be hidden from the media and published in every available avenue to ensure the public that their public servants are working on their behalf to save lives and secure the best future for the unborn. I am publishing these comments for the sake of PUBLIC DISCOURSE in order that the citizens of Barbados are practicing their reasoning skills in an effort to present ideas to the effect of determining their own futures equipping them with the facts they need to respond accordingly. Also, knowing the names and titles of those representing such important causes such as ENDING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN is of utmost importance being that many who are stigmatized and victimized feel powerless and voiceless. The people need to know who is presenting their case to the WORLD.

To my Bajan comrades please read, analyze, share, and decide for yourselves if your leaders are doing what they say they are doing when it comes to ensuring PUBLIC SAFETY. Please hold them to their words for the sake of yourselves and for TOURISTS and DIPLOMATS visiting and residing in your country.

Thank you Madam Chair, Barbados congratulates you and the other members of the Bureau on your election to steer the work of the 57th session of the Commission. Barbados maintains its steadfast commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of women, and has identified the empowerment of women as one of its priorities. It is our view that there is no other way to ensure that women and girls are able to fully enjoy their human rights. The theme of this session, the elimination and prevention of al| forms of violence against women and girls, is particularly apt, as violence against women and girls is a scourge existing in every country. Domestic violence, including intimate partner violence, remains a major form of violence suffered by women in Barbados, and the country continues to develop legislative and policy measures to combat this.

Barbados is currently revising its Domestic Violence (Protection Orders) Act to address gaps in legislation to ensure that all victims are protected. A programme for perpetrators has been implemented in order to reduce the likelihood of re-offending. The executive agency with responsibility for gender affairs is currently developing an operations protocol for domestic violence, to guide the work of the agencies providing services for victims and survivors. Legislative measures, and their effective implementation, send the clear message that violence against women and girls will not be tolerated, and that there is no place for impunity. Responses must take place hand in hand with prevention strategies, and concerted action by all stakeholders is needed to create new mind-sets, in order to transform unacceptable social and cultural norms and patterns of conduct. Civil society continues to be a key actor and major driver in all efforts to prevent and eliminate violence against women, and in responding to its consequences. One of the primary activities to highlight and combat violence against women and girls is the annual ’16 days of activism against gender-based violence’. This event is 2 jointly held by government, civil society and other strategic partners and continues to grow every year.

Men and boys are being actively engaged as agents of change. For example, government and civil society have implemented a white ribbon campaign to encourage men and boys to speak out against violence, and also to signify that they will not engage in acts of violence against women and girls. Government and NGOs collaborate in the running of a shelter for victims and survivors of violence, and in the provision of psychosocial support. Madam Chair, Although Barbados has made significant progress towards achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment, there still remain a number of challenges and obstacles in the implementation of the Beijing Platform of Action, particularly in the wake of the financial and economic crisis which has had profound impacts on the society and economy. 3 Barbados will therefore continue to call upon the international community to assist the genuine efforts of developing countries to achieve the full implementation of the Beijing Platform of Action, and to create a world where women and girls can live free of violence. I thank you.

We, the people, have the power to apply the necessary CHECKS & BALANCES! Speak out whenever your country fails to act on behalf of it’s constituency. Thank you.
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