“Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”: A Closer Look at Human Rights Violations in Barbados

Sources indicate that violence against women in ‪#Barbados‬ is a “significant” social problem (US 24 May 2012, 8) and a “serious social concern” (Freedom House 2012). During a visit to Barbados in April 2012, the UN High Commissioner for ‪#‎HumanRights‬ stated that although‪ #domesticviolence‬ and sexual harassment occur throughout the world, they are “particularly serious problems” in Barbados and other ‪#‎Caribbean‬ countries (UN 5 Apr. 2012).

via Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Barbados: Domestic violence, including legislation, state protection and support services (2008-October 2012), 6 November 2012, BRB104226.E

The violation of women and children’s HUMAN RIGHTS has been linked to domestic violence and sexual abuse in Barbados. The fact that the United Nations called for the government, parliament, the ombudsman, the academic community, the NGOs, the media, and the general public to respond to the observations and reports made in 2012 and delays persist is a further violation of the rights of humans in Barbados.

The human rights chief emphasized that it is the responsibility of the Government to show leadership on issues relating to all forms of discrimination, including those based on race, gender, sexual orientation or identity.

“The authorities need to adopt more effective legislative measures to combat these very destructive forms of behaviour and crimes, and to undertake public awareness programs to tackle the underlying discriminatory attitudes that permit them to continue,” Ms. Pillay said. 
via United Nations

When the leading HUMAN RIGHTS organizations of the WORLD make assessments and recommendations that go ignored it speaks volumes to the nature of the society and the level of abuse that is the automatic result of negligence on the part of the government and all who keep silent on the matter. It further stigmatizes those who have survived domestic attacks and those who seek safety and protection from those in power to do so. This continues the red flag raising in regards to HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS when people are being left powerless, helpless, voiceless and sitting prey to the predators in their communities who know that there will be few if any repercussions to the acts of terror and violence they inflict on others while victims are without full protection of the law.

5 April 2012 – The United Nations human rights chief today urged Barbados to adopt more effective legislation measures to combat discrimination and domestic and sexual violence in the country, adding that an attitudinal change is needed in society as a whole to tackle these issues.

“Domestic violence against women and children, and sexual harassment, occur all over the world. However, reports suggest that they are particularly serious problems here in Barbados and in other Caribbean countries, and rape is shockingly commonplace,” said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, in a statement at the end of her visit to the country.
via United Nations

For the people of Barbados to be further stigmatized into finding themselves somewhere lost and left behind living between the lines of a “DEVELOPED” and “DEVELOPING” country, while the government does little to nothing to address the social problems that prevent the island from advancing in its human rights causes and raising the status of its’ citizens from “sitting duck victims” to those armed with awareness and the ability to act on the direction of a violence free future is likened to a crime against humanity and the human nature of the Bajan people. Bajans are not being provided with the tools, resources and public awareness information to change their behavior and thus their society. Bajans are being left to fight against one another as if in a war zone and the children are finding themselves among the most popular of casualties. There is an enemy in Barbados who is hiding in the shadows and in the silence of the voiceless. This enemy is ignorance. Ignorance occurs whenever we ignore the facts.

domestic violence wounds

Justice cannot be delayed any longer. The legislature most reform, write, rewrite and introduce laws, crime prevention directives, early childhood education curriculum, anti-discrimination programs, victim support systems, education for public servants on abuse, trauma and psychopathology and there must be public awareness campaigns targeted at the SAFETY AND PROTECTION of Bajan women and children, young and old. It’s unjust to focus on America or any other country while the focus must be on Barbados. Act now.Domestic-Violence

-Tru Focus-


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