THE STAINS OF OUR SILENCE: The Blood of Our Children Is On Our Hands

“All of us, in one way or another, have been sinning, the sins of omission,” she said. WHO IS SHE? And are you the parents of Barbados contacting her to follow up not just sit and wait for the updates, regarding the status of the following:

Child Care Board Director, Joan Crawford, says Cabinet is about to consider a proposal making it mandatory for school principals, church leaders, social workers, court officials, and media workers, among others to report knowledge of child abuse.

“There are no ifs or buts. It will be that you … are bound to report,” she said Thursday. “The only exception there is that lawyer-client privilege, but all others are not considered that way.”

Further explaining the proposal before the Cabinet she said, “Failure to report a suspected case should carry a sanction in the form of a fine, with the alternative of imprisonment”.


ANY ALLEGATIONS OF CHILD ABUSE should be taken seriously (not just reported on social media but to the accurate authorities too) whether TRUE OR NOT for the SAFETY AND PROTECTION of the ***CHILDREN***. I know for a fact that anyone can take pictures smiling with their children and anyone can hear parents speaking with their children lovingly and be convinced there is no abuse.   In America (since Bajans want to be compared to us) THE CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES follow up on ALL REPORTS and it becomes the PARENTS (and the accounts reported by the children) RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVE there is no abuse, neglect, etc. It’s FAIR GAME for this process to happen when ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING MUST BE DONE to #protectthechildren .

Parents can handle their own reputations, etc for the sake of ensuring the charges are untrue, for the sake of the children’s welfare. REMINDER: THIS IS NOT A PLAYGROUND FOR ADULTS. Stop whining and bickering and ACT NOW to protect children being ABUSED wherever you find out about it. It’s best to find out they are SAFE than to ignore the complaints and another among you grows up HURT AND HURTING OTHERS.

The Child Care Board, through the Child Care Board Act of 1969 is the primary child protection agency and has a mandate under the amended Child Care Board Act 1981 to investigate reports of child abuse and neglect, and is authorized to, if necessary, remove children from their homes and under exceptional circumstances petition the courts for custody. The Board is empowered to: 1. Provide and maintain Child Care Centres for children in need of care and protection (such as Day Care Centres and Children’s Homes) 2. Provide counseling and other services for: 1. children in need of care and protection; 2. the parents and guardians of those children 3. Place children in Foster Care 4. Register, license and regulate Private Day Care Services; 5. Make grants to Private Institutions.

Again IT’S NO COINCIDENCE that the MOST POPULAR COMMERCIALS running on your public service tv programming are WARNINGS ABOUT CHILD ABUSE, which disgusted me and concerned me when I was there. Also, I had to intervene when I was there for 2 CHILDREN I had no relationship with who were being ABUSED: one was crying at a bus stop because the umbrella his aunt gave him had been lost and in his words he said: “SHE GONE BEAT ME”. And I felt POWERLESS to help him besides offering to BUY HER A NEW UMBRELLA. It broke my heart that a child would be in FEAR OF VIOLENCE over a damn MATERIAL ITEM.

According to Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2005, although the Barbados government attempted to foster a greater degree of respect for “children’s human rights and welfare, … violence and abuse against children remained serious problems” (US 8 Mar. 2007, Sec. 5). 

The 2nd child I had no relationship with I met at a SUMMER CAMP, she came in battered and bruised and I NOTICED!!!!!!! But no matter that I noticed, THOSE CHILDREN NOTICED ME, because I was “different” than they were used to” >>>I CARED<<< and so they flocked to me. She walked right up to me and told me she had to SLEEP OUTSIDE WITH THE DOG that night and had been beaten up by her mother and some more details. I reviewed her wounds and advised the SUMMER CAMP director who was furious with me for talking with the child and ***BELIEVING HER***, the director was afraid that would offend the mother. The child never returned while I was there and besides, FUCK THE DUMB SHIT, I disassociated myself with that camp. I won’t ever forgot those CHILDREN. They gave me a glimpse into what the ADULT POPULATION were like as children. More to come.

A report published by the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children indicates that in Barbados, “[c]orporal punishment is lawful in the home” (2005, 17; see also BANGO 5 Feb. 2007). According to Article 5(1) of Barbados’ Prevention of Cruelty to Children Act,

Any person over the age of 16 years, having the custody, charge or care of any child under the age of 16 years, who willfully assaults, ill-treats, neglects, abandons or exposes such child or causes or procures such child to be assaulted, ill-treated, neglected, abandoned or exposed in a manner likely to cause such child unnecessary suffering or injury to its health (including injury to, or loss of sight or hearing or limb or organ of the body and any mental derangement), shall be guilty of a misdemeanour and shall be liable on conviction on indictment to a fine of 120 [Barbados dollars (BBD) or approximately CAD71.23 ( 8 Feb. 2007a)] and, in default of payment of such fine, to imprisonment for 1 year, or to imprisonment for 1 year or to both such fine and imprisonment, or on summary conviction to a fine of 24 [(BBD) or approximately CAD14.25 ( 8 Feb. 2007b)] and, in default of payment of such fine, to imprisonment for 3 months or to imprisonment for 3 months, or to both such fine and imprisonment (Barbados 1998).
via Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Barbados: Legal recourse and services available to children who are victims of domestic abuse, 8 March 2007, BRB102419.E

AND LASTLY, there is NOT ONE adult who I befriended beyond just speaking to pun de streets that didn’t share stories of either PHYSICAL, VERBAL, SEXUAL, OR MENTAL ABUSE that they survived when they were children. Antonio Rudder shared his confused understanding of what was happening to him as a child which I’m sure he nor his parents get it to this day. They play the “blame game” with one another and they point fingers regarding if he is worse or his mother is worse and they never get to the heart of the fact that his children are being impacted and Antonio is being further stigmatized and ostracized regarding his own feelings and memories. The pressure comes down to putting “it” in the past to be the “bigger person”. BUT AGAIN, IN AMERICA, these types of games are further evidence of PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE/NEGLECT. It’s not normal. It’s not okay. Just as many of you don’t get it.

According to an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY by the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013 United States Department of State • Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor entitled: BARBADOS 2013 HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT, the following was concluded:

The most serious human rights problems were unprofessional conduct by police, violence against women, and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals. Other human rights problems included child abuse.

IT’S NOT NORMAL TO BE ABUSIVE, NEGLECTFUL and a TORMENTOR and it seems many are not aware of that there in Barbados. Maybe some more among you will have the courage to speak out and assist your fellow friends who are hurting in silence and confusion. And to assist the children who are under the authority of their abusers and are the most vulnerable.

me and my nieces

We have ’em in America, since again, you want to be compared to the USA. Step ya game up then! #ProtectTheChildren

-Tru Focus-

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