The march for our children will be on Sunday, May 17, 2015, starting at 4:00p.m.

The route will be from Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre to Hope Road to Trafalgar Road to Lady Musgrave Road and back to Ranny Williams.

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Please bring your children too.
Our group is called ‘Protect Our Children’.
Be creative and positive with your placards and banners. The focus is on our children.

Please, no pro- or anti-government, pro- or anti-religious, pro- or anti-gay or pro-choice or anti-abortion messages or slogans.

We want a unified message to be sent, without any distractions or controversy, that we love our children and are committed to protecting them.

I am trying to get t-shirts with our logo on them and will let you know when these become available.

Event Host: Dr. Michael Abrahams of Jamaica

Published by: focusbarbados

Our focus determines our reality. I am a writer/blogger with a mission to expose the blinders preventing a progressive vision for a healthy and safe Barbados. The people, citizens and tourists, can no longer perish due to a lack of knowledge while the blind lead the blind. I am committed to raising awareness for the purposes of social reform and for the sake of Bajan children who are being abused and become abusers. I am focused.

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