Dispelling the Myth of Invincibility: Barbados and the “Head in the Sand” Mentality


The only responses by leaders in Barbados whenever they hear about the violence in their society is to blame the internet/social media/whistle blowers for showing the world their negligence. In similar fashion to how Antonio Rudder would choke and beat me up whenever I SPOKE UP about how he was treating me and/or his children, I am saddened to observe that he is mirroring the behavior of his country’s current leadership as the future leaders of Barbados are in the making.

“CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?” was the message of the United Nations time and time again after offering recommendation after recommendation to Barbados leadership:

Domestic violence against women and children, and sexual harassment, occur all over the world. However, reports suggest that they are particularly serious problems here in Barbados and in other Caribbean countries, and rape is shockingly commonplace,” said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, in a statement at the end of her visit to the country in April 2012.

None of the 4 times I was abused or at no time during the daily tormenting my abuser inflicted upon me did he ever own up to his power of choice as being the determining factor in why he attacked me. The more I really learn about the attitudes and behaviors that are acceptable in his culture the more I gain an overstanding into the making of our future world psychopaths.


For example, this is an excerpt from an article published yesterday in one of the 2 major newspapers in Barbados:

Where’s the pride?20902_1577083602542653_5102585719574149369_n

Court official worried about behaviour of schoolgirls

In the wake a recent disturbing video of two schoolgirls engaging in a fierce afterschool fight, a leading court official says social media is partly to blame for the rowdy behaviour.

Last week’s incident, which has led to the suspension of the two St George Secondary School students, has been making the rounds on the worldwide web.

via http://www.barbadostoday.bb/2015/05/13/wheres-the-pride/

It seems as if the Bajan leadership is ready to discriminate against the media, add stigmatization to identity development of the youth, as well as perpetuate more of the same attitudinal polarization that is hindering change from taking place in Barbados.

In response to this article, a group of citizens pushing for social change responded as follows:

Movement of Concerned Citizens May 13, 2015 at 8:39 am

Really? Shouldn’t we be saying, thanks that we have social media so that these issues are brought to light and can be remedied? Were it not for the post on Facebook, this would have been shoved under and carpet and Barbados would continue to bury its proverbial head in the sand with its false pride.



The human rights chief emphasized that it is the responsibility of the Government to show leadership on issues relating to all forms of discrimination, including those based on race, gender, sexual orientation or identity.

“The authorities need to adopt more effective legislative measures to combat these very destructive forms of behaviour and crimes, and to undertake public awareness programs to tackle the underlying discriminatory attitudes that permit them to continue,” Ms. Pillay said.

If the leaders of the country show no responsibility for the social problems and concerns when truths are revealed in the attitudes, behaviors and actions of it’s citizens, in particular the victims of social injustice, what else is more important for the role modeling of future socially responsible Bajan leaders? The only possible leadership that can be made out of such decisions to SHIFT BLAME would be a nation of psychopaths. It’s true that most countries embark upon this type of talk in the POLITICAL ARENA when it’s obvious that government responses are merely for controlling public perception. But when the lives of children and the livelihood of the women who give birth to every male and female child is endangered by discriminatory disinterest, WHAT WILL BE THE FUTURE OF BARBADOS?


The question isn’t “WHERE IS THE PRIDE?”, but more so, “WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP?” Pride goes before the fall. Teach accountability, social responsibility and conflict resolution skills to your citizens, young and old and the need to LOOK AROUND AS IF SOMETHING IS LOST will cease, because the truth will become SELF EVIDENT the only sure place to search is WITHIN.

-Tru Focus-

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