DV SOUNDCLOUD PLAYLIST: A Response to Violent and Derogatory Representations of Women in Music

Today, when domestic violence has even reached the seemingly perfect life of Rihanna, where’s the music to cope with unexpected violence?  Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of music containing lyrics that support women in harmful relationships. Furthermore, there’s a surplus of derogatory lyrics towards women within the hip-hop genre.  Even though the situation for women is evolving slowly with respect to domestic violence, many songs still objectify women.  via http://www.mhlearningsolutions.com/commonplace/index.php?q=node/5513


This playlist is not my album but rather a showcase of various artists (including myself), speakers, and musicians who have contributed positively to the conversation about domestic violence in varying approaches. Listen here:


Also, here’s a pod cast recording of my conversation with my abuser regarding his need to CARE about the life he held in his hand.

It’s ironic that I am a spoken word artist, who was being abused by my musician and boyfriend during the entire production process of my sophomore spoken word album. In honor of the hard work and dedication I maintained as a coping method, in defense of my creativity and inspired by sheer will power, I have decided to push forward with the release of this album.

I am now under the impression that Antonio Rudder’s intention all along was to wave his music contributions over my head like a man waving a bone to feed his dog. I do not think he ever intended to finish this project in a professional and deserving manner. In protest to the abuse I suffered and in tribute to all the days I wrote lyrical poetry and produced tracks rather than committing suicide while trying to get through day after day of abuse, I am not gonna allow him to take these memories away from me. Accompanying the words and sounds are my CRIES FOR HELP embedded in my poetry as well as a look at how I employed music as a weapon through dissociation to survive. The music at the time I was making it was intended to be just another spoken word album. But I’ve decided to name it: Echoes of Delayed Responses as a testimony of how much I asked for the abuse to end and how it never did, but rather our relationship died.

Echoes and delays are also sound effects that I use in my vocal production. For every delay I experience now as I seek justice regarding the crimes committed against me, I hope that I can respond as a creative activist and not just a victim of circumstance. Something positive has to come out of what happened to me and all that I can do is CREATE the change that I want to see.

-Tru Focus-

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