NO MAN IS AN ISLAND| A Global Response To Child Abuse In Barbados

Barbados followers and leaders alike continue to be “stuck in denial”, “stuck on stupid”, and/or “stuck in a time warp”. The strong support that the government reports to Human Rights committees in favor of VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN is an act of discrimination and oppression in and of itself. To know that there are SOCIETAL ATTITUDES that are resistant to CHANGE for the protection of children and to allow these personalities to grow into CULTURAL VALUES which are in direct conflict with the HUMAN RIGHTS of children is outright CRIMINAL and BARBARIC.


A journey begins with a single step. For the task of ending corporal punishment and taking greater measures against child abuse to be viewed as a “MAMMOTH TASK” because societal attitudes within Barbados are against it only reveals the need for OUTSIDE INTERVENTION. Who can be trusted that has the interest of the CHILD at heart and in mind when the VALUES of the PERPETRATORS and BIGOTS are considered with the greatest weight.

The second cycle review took place in 2013 (session 15). In its national report, the Government noted that it is “cognisant of the call for the total abolition of corporal punishment” but that “there continues to be strong support for the retention of corporal punishment particularly within the school and home settings” and that while alternative disciplinary methods are being encouraged in schools “there is still a mammoth task of changing the national mindset in relation to corporal punishment” (5 December 2012, A/HRC/WG.6/15/BRB/1, National report to the UPR, paras. 85 and 86). During the review, the Government stated that “greater public acceptance seems to be needed for Government to comfortably introduce this change into its legislation” (29 January 2013, A/HRC/WG.6/15/L.9 Unedited Version, Draft report of the working group, para. 39).



The following recommendations were made (29 January 2013, A/HRC/WG.6/15/L.9 Unedited Version, Draft report of the working group, paras. 102(80), 102(81), 102(82), 102(83), 102(84), 102(85) and 102(86)):

“Prohibit the practice of corporal punishment (Norway);

“Explicitly prohibit corporal punishment in family and school (Italy);

“Adopt measures to eliminate corporal punishment (Slovenia);

“Repeal the provisions allowing for corporal punishment in public schools and strengthen national legislation to protect children against all forms of violence or ill-treatment (France);

“Abolish corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure for children in all areas (Germany);

“Adopt immediate measures to abolish corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure, and intensify efforts to educate the population on the negative effects of corporal punishment on the development of the child (Uruguay);

“Continue to request international assistance and advice on successful examples on ways to change traditional social attitudes that accept corporal punishment (Uruguay)”images (26)

Barbados, you just don’t get it, DO YOU? What kind of MIRROR IMAGE do you have of yourselves? #ProtectTheChildren

-Tru Focus-

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