Create a Flyer for Shemar Weekes| Speak Out for The Abused Children of Barbados

Shemar Weekes

Social media posts by the people of Barbados include all types of topics of issues affecting the LIVELIHOOD of people all over the world from #MikeBrown, #SandraBland, #WestPapuaMurders to the #BaltimoreRiots in America. But it’s rare and few to see any active campaigning involving INTERNAL SOCIAL ISSUES in Barbados which includes producing MARKETING MATERIALS for such campaigns.

Rather than blame them, I accept RESPONSIBILITY to act on behalf of #JahanKing and #ShemarWeekes whose voices have been guaranteed to go UNHEARD in such a culture of DENIAL, NEGLECT, and INACTION. Please join me and CREATE A FLYER for these children so that others KNOW AND SAY THEIR NAMES.

-Tru Focus-

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