CropOver in Barbados |By Another Name: Human Zoo

As if this human zoo racism against blacks are over, recently in India the govt decided to use the tribal hinterland black Andamanese for human zoo to generate tourist attraction to their country. Though the intended human zoo did not materialized but some Indians force Andamanese to dance for tourist in their nakedness for money.


Andamanese girls that were being used as human zoo by the Indian govt.

A human zoo, which features women from a protected tribe dancing for tourists in exchange for food, opened on India’s Andaman Islands.


CropOver memories will soon come and go just like everything else in this short attention spanned world. Like a good slave, Barbadians will spread the word that THE PLANTATION SOCIETY is alive and well fully loaded with all the HUMAN ZOO ATTRACTIONS colonialists are accustomed to, including but not limited to: GREASY SWEATY BLACK BODIES, Sarah Baartman BOOTIES, unimaginable BLACK vagina and penis for tropical breeding of Bajan slave pleasures (for example, government issued pressure to have more children), costumes to create the illusion that it’s all a fantasy and MUSIC to numb the pain of reality!!!!







A 20 year-old girl from South Africa known as Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman would be emblematic of the dark era that gave rise to the popularity of human zoos. She was recruited by an exotic animal-dealer on location in Cape Town and traveled to London in 1810 to take part in an exhibition. The young woman went willingly under the pretense that she would find wealth and fame. Exhibitors were looking for certain qualities in their ‘exotic’ recruits that either coincided with the European beauty ideal or offered unexpected novelty. Sarah had a genetic characteristic known as steatopygia; a protuberant buttocks and elongated labia.

She found herself being exhibited in cages at sideshow attractions dressed in tight-fitting clothing that violated any cultural norms of decency at the time. A few years later she came to Paris where racial anthropologists poked and prodded and made their theories. Sarah eventually turned to prostitution to support herself and drank heavily. She had been in Europe for only four years.

When she died in poverty, Sarah’s skeleton, sexual organs and brain were put on display at the Museum of Mankind in Paris where they remained until 1974. In 2002, President Nelson Mandela formally requested the repatriation of her remains.

Bring in the colonial perverts and pedophiles every Kadooment Day to share in the romanticized slavery festivities in Barbados. They removed the chains and replaced them with fairy glitter and feathers but will never let their prized possession, “Little England” go.

At least as late as 2005 you could still see “African tribesmen” in grass skirts at a Western zoo (in Augsburg, Germany). But since the 1930s such things have become uncommon: film, and later television and cheap air travel, were able to give Westerners a much richer-seeming (but not always truer) experience of native peoples.

Someone is making a mockery of Bajans while Rihanna represents the cause in her Mocking Jay uniform. There are Barbadians suffering from real life poverty and oppression in a Hunger Games that’s not made for de road.

This curiosity regarding indigenous races had a history at least as long as colonialism and Columbus brought indigenous Americans from his voyages in the New World to the Spanish court in 1493. Human zoos and exhibitions of exotic populations became common in the 1870s in the midst of the New Imperialism period.

Our suffering is real and it’s time we stopped being the main exhibit in freak shows while those very freaks gawk at us. It’s not entertainment, it’s not a break from ploughing the fields, it’s more of the same: FREE LABOR and FREE EXHIBITION of human suffering regardless of the production. How we cope in this oppressive system is always under experimentation and observation. The making of a slave is not a static process.

(((all additional quoted material was sourced from popular resistance)))

-Tru Focus-

#ProtectTheChildren #BajanLivesMatter

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