Caribbean Court of Justice Complaining about Denied Justice in Barbados

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There has been an admission made in Barbados from the HIGH COURT that justice is delayed and denied. This provides evidence in all DRAWN OUT CASES that there are VIOLATIONS of Human Rights! This is a factor related to why so many victims of crime are INTIMIDATED from pursuing charges against criminals in BIM because they are warned about how long it takes to get decisions in court.

“All of us are responsible for this delay – the judicial officer, the defence counsel, the accused. It is something we have to deal with. We have to do something about that criticism we keep getting from the Caribbean Court of Justice. There is no way no case should be in the system ten years; I don’t care what type of case it is.”

No case should be pending for ten years, and something must be done about the Caribbean Court of Justice’s (CCJ) constant criticism of Barbados’ drawn-out justice system, says new High Court judge Pamela Beckles. -Nation News

Tourists aren’t happy about hearing this ADMISSION due to the fact that those who have faced CRIME up close and personal in BIM have to decide whether or not to DELAY their own need for SPEEDY, FAIR and inexpensive resolutions to cases they have tied up in Bajan courts. This is a slap in the face to have a judge giving evidence as to why many are forced to give up on JUSTICE rather than deal with this type of madness. It’s hidden BULLYING and overtly TRAUMATIZING to know the system is INEFFECTIVE and thus rendered INCAPABLE of performing its duties:

She blamed the clogging of the system on judicial officers taking too long to give decisions, lack of police files and too many adjournments.”


Witnesses also face INTIMIDATION and LOSS OF PATIENCE and lack of resources to wait. It’s as if this is a way to promote crime in Barbados because victims will give up on getting criminalsprosecuted because it takes too much and too long. That’s criminal on the part of the justice system to have allowed this. 

What about the victims of crimes and those who present evidence for prosecuting and never receive closure? WHAT ABOUT OUR HUMAN RIGHTS!?!?!


Article 8. Right to a Fair Trial

1. Every person has the right to a hearing, with due guarantees and within a reasonable time, by a competent, independent, and impartial tribunal, previously established by law, in the substantiation of any accusation of a criminal nature made against him or for the determination of his rights and obligations of a civil, labor, fiscal, or any other nature.

2. Every person accused of a criminal offense has the right to be presumed innocent so long as his guilt has not been proven according to law. During the proceedings, every person is entitled, with full equality, to the following minimum guarantees:

a. the right of the accused to be assisted without charge by a translator or interpreter, if he does not understand or does not speak the language of the tribunal or court;

b. prior notification in detail to the accused of the charges against him;

c. adequate time and means for the preparation of his defense;

d. the right of the accused to defend himself personally or to be assisted by legal counsel of his own choosing, and to communicate freely and privately with his counsel;

e. the inalienable right to be assisted by counsel provided by the state, paid or not as the domestic law provides, if the accused does not defend himself personally or engage his own counsel within the time period established by law;

f. the right of the defense to examine witnesses present in the court and to obtain the appearance, as witnesses, of experts or other persons who may throw light on the facts;

g. the right not to be compelled to be a witness against himself or to plead guilty; and

h. the right to appeal the judgment to a higher court.

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