Barbados: Anal and Oral Sex is a Crime

What is the difference between “beating a woman” and “beating her pussy”???…or as some abusers prefer: forcing their way into a woman’s anus, while performing acts of buggery and cunnilingus all in one act of “passionate” CRIME.

images (1)

Men who can’t admit and feel they can deny the evidence of Domestic Violence must be sure they aren’t setting themselves up for an even greater fate if they are found to be an ASS LOVING MAN.


When victims of domestic violence are being screened by social and psychological service agencies they are asked about any instances of coerced SEXUAL VIOLENCE. One has to stop and think: Is there any evidence that I have been SEXUALLY ABUSED by the man who was PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE to me?

images (1).jpg

Could there be a case for both buggery and battery??? Which case has the most evidence? What crime is more acceptable?

Sometimes I wonder.

-Tru Focus-
Buggery is defined as anal intercourse; and cunnilingus as oral sex performed on a female. Based on these definitions, every homosexual, lesbian or heterosexual committing such acts is guilty of a crime in Barbados, regardless of whether it is with consent or not. The Laws Of Barbados forbid both acts.

Any person who commits buggery is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for life.

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